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We all know what they say about little sisters: they are more fun, somewhat prettier and obviously, younger. Well, the island of Gozo is definitely not younger, seeing as most probably that's where the first residents settled, way back in 3600BC. Yet being much smaller, much greener and definitely much quieter, it's got everything going for it.

in Gozo, one can find the Ggantija temples, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, thought to be older than Stonehenge. Their megaliths are so large that the ancient Gozitians used to believe that they were built by giants. Then there are more natural wonders, such as the Azure Window in Dwejra - a magnificent rock rising out of the blue Mediterranean Sea, a sight which stuns visitors whether glimpsed from the surrounding cliffs or from beneath while being accompanied in one of the little fishing boats along the coast.

Not to mention the glorious stretch of red sandy beach at ir-Ramla l-Hamra, (the red beach) almost hidden away underneath patches of countryside, or the proliferation of Gozitian food outlets which unearth such gems as the goat's cheese pizza, a unique culinary delight which even the neighbouring Maltese envy.

All of this, and so much more, makes Gozo the one tiny island which piques everybody's curiosity, then wins them over for life.


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