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Luxury Hotels in Malta

The Hotel Phoenicia gardens which are nestled between the imposing features of the Valletta historical fortifications, seem to be always in bloom. There is a great deal of variety, form and colour for the professional or amateur admirer of flora to enjoy. The shelter of the imposing Valletta bastions screen the plants from the scorching sun and the searing winds, thus creating the ideal setting for a truly exemplary Maltese Garden.

It has taken years of planning and experience passed on by generations, to achieve the peace and beauty that can be enjoyed in the Gardens. Malta’s climate is harsh for many species and the success of the great variety that you enjoy is thanks to those gardeners, who with their local knowledge of weather patterns and watering techniques, ensure that every year there are more species and even more colours.

The festival and celebration of colour has been enjoyed for many years by people from all over the world. It has given joy to all those who appreciate its richness and pleasure to all those who aspire to create such splendour.