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Barocco Cultural Events organize classical music: chamber music, ensembles and vocal recitals in the quaint and intimate Sagrestia Vault at the stylish and renovated Valletta Waterfront—Malta.

Although it has been operating just three years, it has organized concerts for cruise liner passengers, tourists and the general public.  It is renowned for its selection of talented professional performers and its intimate and friendly atmosphere of these well-organized organized events.

Barocco Cultural Events envisions at giving local musicians another platform where they can perform. It also endeavours to include foreign musicians in its programmes in order to provide new and diverse experiences and to created dialogue through music.  It also aims at giving the public an opportunity to visit this lovely historical hall and to enjoy good music in an aesthetically pleasing ambiance.

It is managed and directed by Miriam Agius, who has had the vision to create a new space for concerts and who has worked heedlessly these past three years in order to select some of Malta’s finest musicians and to promote these concerts and performers in the best possible way.


Sagrestia Vault

The Valletta Waterfront Promenade, formerly known as Pinto Wharf, in honour of the Grandmaster of the Order of St John who had built these warehouses, has been an up-market venue for these last four years, ever since the Pinto Wharf has been restored and renamed the Valletta Waterfront.  Managed by Viset plc, the place has flourished and houses some of Malta’s best restaurants and shops. Tourists and locals flock to the place to enjoy the spectacular views and fabulous ambiance.

Amid the magnificent ambiance of the Valletta Waterfront, the busy restaurants, the shops and  the quaint cafeterias which are a meeting point for Malta’s business and leisure appointments, there is a place which stands out for its uniqueness.  It stands apart from the business and catering outlets as it aims at providing among this space, a place where one is offered the chance to hear some good music, a place where one can forget the hustle and bustle of the outside space and enjoy a tranquil hour of good music and an intimate and charming ambiance, and an hour where time seems to stand still. That place is the Sagrestia Vault.

Set in the heart of the Valletta Waterfront, Sagrestia Vault is a vaulted hall which has been beautifully renovated and transformed into a concert hall. It was formerly a humble warehouse, found in a derelict state and full of rubble.  It has a door leading to the road and this is used as a back door now.  When the restoration works were in progress, the wall separating the chapel from this vault was opened. Therefore the entrance itself to the hall is unique as it can be reached through the small chapel of the Waterfront, a tiny but magnificent exemplary of Baroque architecture.

Sagrestia Vault is mostly used for recitals and chamber music concerts.  However it has also brought to stage chamber choirs and string orchestras. Lately it is also collaborating with the University of Malta to host concerts by emerging student musicians. It has also collaborated with the Johann Strauss School of Music to give a platform to its students too.