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There is more to Malta Gozo and Comino than meets the eye. Armed with a goggle, the sea around the islands is breathtakingly beautiful. The crystal clear Mediterranean Sea surrounding Malta shoreline and the favourable climatic conditions experienced all year round are ideal for scuba diving.

All three Islands, Malta Gozo and Comino offer excellently unique diving experiences with reefs, caves and wrecks to make each dive unique and one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean.



The calmness and lack of pollution of the sea makes for excellent visibility and the wildlife danger risk is extremely low, creating an ultimate location for first time divers and beginners. For the more experienced divers, there are various sites that include archaeological artefacts, some from WWII, some even dating back to the Roman era.

There are several officially licensed dive centres on the islands, to cater for both the experienced diver and the beginner. The centres also rent out equipment and offer qualified instruction for beginners. An added attraction for prospective divers is the cost: it is relatively cheaper to learn the sport in Malta or Gozo than virtually any other centre in the Mediterranean.

"Malta has something for everyone – whatever their experience or grade!"