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Our villages may look sleepy from the outisde, but the villagers are anything but... All through the year they work and live their regular lives while quietly and endlessly toiling for the three days during the year when they can really let go - at the local festa. 

Malta’s religious festi are like one of summer's sweet figs, always in production yet bursting with sweetness and life for a few days a year. In this case, an entire village explodes with light and sound. The villagers put on unparallelled displays of fireworks, hold processions which mystify and astound visitors, and everything from the villagers themselves to their front rooms get a makeover.

The village festa is a delight for the senses, a lot of fun for the locals and foreigners, and a once a year chance to show off in friendly competition with other towns. What's more, every village holds at least one, some have four patron saint celebration. Especially in summer, you can enjoy family friendly festi during most weekends, culminating in the Santa Marija week in mid-August when various villages compete for the skies over Malta with colourful fireworks.

The village festa truly has something for everyone. Malta is renowned for its child-friendliness and nowhere is this more apparent than during this time. Displays of Mediterranean exuberance are the norm. While children are running about happily, the older residents open their front rooms so that all passersby can get a good eyeful of their pristine crystal chandeliers.