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Malta Arts Festival

Malta Arts Festival

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14th July - 3rd August 2014


The Malta Arts Festival is a showcase of top quality events and sees local and overseas’ artists and performers side by side.


The programme’s diversity enables the Arts Festival to be popular and accessible to all. The summer slot permits most events to be held open air. Falling as it does during the peak tourist season, the festival attracts a significant overseas audience as well.


The festival is the highlight in our cultural calendar and as such, we see it as having a clear role to play in bringing about collaboration between Maltese and foreign artists. Joint performances, and workshops held on its fringes help enhance local artistic development and provide impetus to cultural innovation on the Islands. These aims are very much in line with the European-backed idea of intercultural dialogue and creativity.


For audiences, the Malta Arts Festival is a bonanza of performance, music and dance, and offers something from almost all artistic forms. The event has also over the years opened up little used and special venues, such as the Old Opera House ruins in Valletta and Argotti Gardens, and been an impetus for the Islands to set about providing a greater diversity of art and performance spaces.


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