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There’s something cooking in the garden

Visitors and guests at Phoenicia can wine and dine in a splendid choice of settings, whether it’s haute cuisine at the Phoenix restaurant, a barbeque lunch al fresco by the pool, an indulgent afternoon tea in The Palm Court Lounge, a cooling cocktail in the comfortable Club Bar, or a flambé dinner at the Pegasus: New Executive Chef Saul Halevi is determined to ensure that every plate is served with the freshest and finest ingredients, true to his Mediterranean roots.

The Phoenicia has recruited innovative Executive Chef Saul Halevi at its forefront to interpret a 70-year culinary tradition in a modern and refined way, intricately prepared and designed to capture a delicious and exciting range of flavours, textures and aromas with the focus on seasonal ingredients sourced from carefully selected local suppliers and Phoenicia's very own Kitchen Garden, planted under the rigorous eye of chef.

Another new arrival at Phoenicia is Francesco Perricone who is responsible for the daily operation and strategic planning of 5 outlets at the landmark Phoenicia including banqueting. Prior to his appointment in Malta’s longest established 5-star hotel he was at the Parc Hotel Paradiso & Golf Hotel in Italy,was Food & Beverage Director atthe Hua Hin Mariott in Thailand, and Assistant Food & Beverage Director at the Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa in the Philippines and previously at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai. Francesco and Saul will be working hand-in-hand to reinvigorate the culinary base across all our dining and food experiences.

Chef Halevi and his brigade of chefs believe that free-range organic produce is not just better, because of its purity and freedom from additives but because it tastes a lot better too. Saul's philosophy is to create fresh, beautifully cooked Mediterranean foods. When asked what draws him to the kitchen, Saul replied that he loved the symbiotic nature of the kitchen, where each person is imperative and important to the 'whole'. He explains that there can be intense pressure in the kitchen and if at any point 'any cogs of the wheel' collapse under the pressure, “the whole ship can sink. It involves a lot of quick thinking and you have a lot piling down on your plate - (pardon the pun!)" Saul started his career working in the kitchens of his native Israel, which he professes to have absolutely loved, despite friends predicting he would quit within the first week.


Saul Halevi is a highly creative international chef who has held executive positions at Forte Village in Sardegna, Italy, as well as with the Sheraton in Spain and Unilever in Greece, refining his skills along the way. Halevi says he is very excited at the prospect of preparing dishes in Malta, where cross-currents of culinary traditions mix, “We don’t simply aim for the best meal to be Sunday Lunch at the Phoenix, although that is certainly a milestone meal each week. Now our clients can enjoy succulent seafood, marvelous meats and delightful desserts, all with a spectacular panoramic view of the Mediterranean and 7.5 acres of lush gardens where I have introduced a large kitchen garden to supplement our carefully selected supply-chain. Among the best reasons to come and experience

Pegasus now is the fresh local bounty, some of which is grown in our very own herb garden and showcased in virtually every menu item. While remaining true to basic culinary principles, the culinary team at Pegasus pursues out-of-the-box techniques, presentations, flavor sensations, tastes and textures – with display cooking happening next to your table a lot of the time. "

Halevi is defining a cuisine that is truly rooted in Malta. The menus reflect the moderate climate that supplies Executive Chef Halevi with a year round steady stream of stunning ingredients with which he crafts his menu of Mediterranean dishes, with close attention to healthy eating that gives maximum satisfaction. Whether you're a gourmet enthusiast or simply enjoy superb cuisine you won't be disappointed this summer by our delectable menus offering refined classical favourites straight from the garden.

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