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Spring in Malta: What To Do

Malta’s winters tend to be mild but wet, yet it’s springs are always glorious: the countryside at this time of year is coloured in luscious hues of green, the sea starts to warm up, and the average temperature (20°C during the day and 12°C at night) makes the exploration of the Islands all the more enjoyable.

So, with that in mind, here’s what we’d suggest for your spring break in Malta.

Easter Celebrations

Malta’s biggest date on its spring calendar is Easter Sunday, which this year falls on the 12th of April. As the most important time in the liturgical calendar, the week preceding Easter is full of events that mark the Passion of the Christ. Meanwhile, on Good Friday, numerous parishes around the Maltese Islands hold large-scale processions. The one happening closest to The Phoenicia Malta is that of Ta’ Ġieżu Church in Valletta, where many statues – some dating back to the 1700s! – help retell the story of the last few hours of Jesus’s life.

The Malta International Fireworks Festival

Spring in Malta ushers in the fireworks season: over the next few months, practically every town and village on the Maltese Islands will have some form of pyrotechnic show to celebrate its patron saint. But, before all that truly kicks off, many of Malta’s best pyrotechnic companies – as well as numerous international ones, sometimes from as far afield as Australia – battle it out at the Malta International Fireworks Festival, this year taking place between the 18th and the 30th of April. Oh, and some of the best viewing spots are just a stone’s throw away from the Hotel, in Valletta.

Get on the Road

Ancient megalithic temples, the medieval city of Mdina, and the baroque gem that is Valletta are all waiting to be discovered – and they look even better when exploring them on foot. But, if you’d like something quieter, why not head to the seaside, or catch a taxi to Buskett, a small woodland with an imposing castle just above it?

Take a Seat

If you’d rather take it easy and enjoy a slice of culture, then you’ll be happier at a theatrical production or a concert. This year, there’s a lot to attend, including Matilda the Musical (17-26 April) at the MCC in Valletta, and the Spring International Orchestra Festival (12-25 April) at Teatru Manoel, Europe’s oldest working theatre.

Go for a Dip

With an average temperature of 17°C, Malta’s surrounding sea is beckoning – and, believe us, there’s no better time for it! In spring there are fewer people on the beaches, and the sea will be utterly refreshing. Of course, do be careful on windy days. To be on the safe side, always check Which Beach Malta before heading out.

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