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The Maltese Village Feast Experience

Maltese Village Feast

Pandemics aside, Malta offers a lot to travellers looking to experience quintessential Mediterranean culture.

Tourists are often attracted to the island due to its long tradition of holding extravagant religious village feasts (festa), a great way to interact with the locals while on holiday in Malta.

Held at least once every year, these feats celebrate Maltese patron saints. To learn more about the Maltese Village Feast Experience, keep reading!

What To Expect In The Maltese Village Feast Experience

This Maltese event is a celebration like no other. Get ready to see a lot of Maltese traditions and customs, paired with loud music and great firework displays! These feasts are usually held in the summer months, between May to September, and fall perfectly in line with most people’s travel plans.

What Happens During The Maltese Village Feast?

Before the event

Before the actual feast, there will still be a lot happening. Approximately 5 days before the event, the first band march around the village occurs. The big march happens a night or two before the event.

During the event

Marches are a large part of the Maltese Village Feast. On the morning of the event, attendees can expect to see a march in the morning. The village is decorated with lights, confetti, balloons, and streamers too.

In the evening, the patron saint’s statue is carried out of the church and then back inside while people in the crowd cheer. This is the highlight of the whole event. In fact, it’s so popular that the locals bid for the chance to get to hold up the statue.

If you get hungry throughout the day, there’s no need to worry! The streets of the village are usually lined up with food stalls, serving a range of traditional snacks such as deep-fried date cakes.

The whole event ends with a remarkable display of fireworks. These fireworks light up the whole sky with dazzling displays of colour. All local households pitch in a little to go towards the firework display.

An Unforgettable Experience

One of the lesser-known festivities of the world, this Maltese feast is the essence of the Mediterranean. With colourful decorations, loud music, marching bands, and a lot of food and drinks, attendees are bound to have a great time.

We look forward to welcoming you on your holiday to Malta after the pandemic is over.



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