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World Tourism Day

The Phoenicia Malta Team

Take an inside out approach to achieving excellence

A message from Robyn Pratt, General Manager, The Phoenicia Malta

When the team at The Phoenicia Malta decided to celebrate World Tourism Day, I reflected on the messaging from UNWTO in relation to this year’s theme. The words – “behind every number, there is a person” stood out for me. This is something I am very passionate about and over the years as I have supported brands and companies in developing a culture that will support the delivery of quality guest experience, I have implored leaders and managers to think “from the inside out”.

It has always been said in the hospitality industry that “People make the difference” but I feel that perhaps in many cases these were said because it was in some cases the right thing to say. Did we really lead from the front to ensure that our people REALLY made the difference or more importantly that they felt that they REALLY were able to make the difference.

Now more than ever before it is critical for us to consider our business from the “inside-out”. What do I mean by this? If we focus first on ensuring our team members feel engaged with the business and feel dedicated and passionate about doing their best this energy will be bought to life at every touch point for the guest.

The role of the leader and manager in inspiring and engaging team members to deliver excellence has never been so vital as each day we fight the battle to recruit and retain team members who will bring our promise to life.

I am incredibly proud to work alongside some wonderfully committed team members here at The Phoenicia Malta, I hear on a daily basis from guests about how it is the people who make this experience one that they want to come back to time and time again. And the reason we are able to achieve this is that “this team is truly like a family” – we have our ups and downs but at the end of it all everyone is committed to delivering the best possible experience for the guest. And it is because there is such a strong sense of unity/family at the core of all that we do.

The team laughs together, they cry together, they celebrate together and when the going gets tough they pull together to deliver the best experience for the guest and that is in the end what hospitality is all about. The coming together of people from many different cultures, of many different ages, of all genders – all focused on delivering an experience that will engage and delight the guest.

I have worked in this industry for 45 years – every day is different – every day has new challenges – every day has new highlights and that is what makes it an industry that those who have chosen to work within it and make it their life love about it.

I wish everyone a great International Tourism Day and want to humbly thank every team member of The Phoenicia Malta team for always being focused on doing the very best they can to deliver a guest experience that will become a great memory for these guests of the hotel and the hospitality industry.

My message to any leader or manager reading this article – Focus on inspiring and engaging your team and they in turn will focus on inspiring and engaging your customers! And be the leader who would inspire you to be the best version of you and others will follow!



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