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International Women’s Week – Let’s all get great at seeing beyond our bias!


This week’s blog is written by our General Manager Robyn Pratt, who is passionate about supporting individuals and teams to be the best version of themselves no matter what their gender, culture, marital status, with children or not, or age is.

Our leadership team watched a video on the various biases that can be at play within the workplace and it can be surprising how many there are and how many times without really thinking these biases impact our decisions.

Something I have loved about being part of the hospitality industry for the past 45 years is the fact that I have had the opportunity to work beside and learn from people of all ages, nationality and cultures.  Having diversity within the workplace provides the opportunity to consider things from differing perspectives and almost always, when you consider everyone’s point of view, there will always be an idea or solution that comes together that some have never considered. 

Imagine if everyone was the same! Imagine no opportunities to learn from others through their different perspectives!  Imagine not having the ability to try new ways of doing things!  Imagine not having the opportunity to develop and grow your own horizons through seeing things through others eyes! 

What a boring world it would be.

We have 26 different nationalities working under The Phoenicia Malta roof and recently we held our end of year party (a little late due to Covid restrictions) and it was wonderful to feel the energy and see how people from so many countries come together as one family unit to celebrate each other.

Please do not consider bias as just being gender – all of us need to consider our thoughts carefully. And most importantly, consider what you think of yourself – what self-bias do you carry which limits your own potential.

Let’s all celebrate each other’s differences and use our varying perspectives to develop the best possible solutions to whatever issues we may be facing.

Right NOW in this world is the time to consider each other, let our biases go and work with each other to lift this world up for all of us to be the best we can possibly be.

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend and sending love and support to all who are suffering at present. 

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