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Sailing Adventure and a Cultural Night of Splendour


As the summer heat starts to wane, Malta gears up to host two of its most popular events that showcase the islands cultural vibrancy and deep-rooted maritime passion, the Rolex Middle Sea Race and Notte Bianca both in October.

Rolex Middle Sea Race: A Nautical Odyssey

Malta, an island surrounded by the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea, shall be hosting the prestigious Rolex Middle Sea Race once again on the 21st of October. With its starting line and finish point in Malta, the race encapsulates the island’s rich maritime history. Yachts of all sizes, manned by skilled crews, navigate a challenging 606-nautical-mile course, testing their mettle against varied winds and currents.

The race offers participants an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the sea, sailing past picturesque landscapes and embracing the unpredictable elements. For spectators, the race is a visual spectacle, a mesmerising display of beautiful yachts vying for the top prize. Whether you’re an avid sailor or a not, the Rolex Middle Sea Race promises an exhilarating experience that celebrates Malta’s profound and historic relationship with the sea.

Notte Bianca: A Night of Culture

In contrast, the enchanting Notte Bianca, which translates to “White Night,” transforms the ancient streets and grand buildings of Valletta into an open-air celebration of arts and culture. Held annually, this year on the 7th of October, this event in Malta beckons locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in a nocturnal spectacle. The city comes alive with live music, dance performances, art installations, and delectable street food, all under the canvas of the starlit Mediterranean sky.

The heart of Valletta turns into a sprawling stage, where artists of diverse genres and backgrounds converge to create an immersive experience that transcends boundaries. From contemporary art galleries to pop-up theatres, the beautiful city of Valletta become a playground for creative expression, inviting everyone to partake in the magic of the night.

The Phoenicia Malta: Your 5-Star Base

To make the most of these captivating events in Malta, consider staying at The Phoenicia Malta. With its proximity to City Gate, the Phoenicia Malta is best placed to enjoy both the Rolex Middle Sea race and the magic of Notte Bianca, which are both walking distances from the hotel.

Imagine waking up to breath-taking views of the Mediterranean, then strolling through Valletta’s charming streets towards the Grand Harbour to witness the Rolex Middle Sea Race’s thrilling start. Or after spending a day relaxing and enjoying our 5-star facilities, taking a walk-through City Gate in the evening to witness the splendour of Notte Bianca in all its beauty.  By staying at The Phoenicia Malta, your experience of these signature events in Malta will be something you will never forget.


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