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Duty Manager

This vacancy is no longer available. Kindly have a look at our Careers Page to view our current openings.

Duty Manager

We invite you to become part of The Phoenicia Story

Work at The Phoenicia Malta

Why? Besides, being a historical 5-star gem, a cherished national treasure, and beloved local landmark, The Phoenicia Malta has been attracting stars, socialites and the crowned heads of Europe for over 70 years. All our guests and employees alike, are our very own ‘stars’, our pride and joy.

A career promise for the stars of the industry (past, present and future).

Our commitment to work is the fruit of a unique collaboration, and a truly professional philosophy. We are all about giving a beautiful part of ourselves in each aspect of our thriving hotel operations. We promise you, that it will be a seriously enriching growth experience. A career you will always be proud of. Discover more, today.

Personality & Role Profile

You are an energetic and charismatic person with a flair to deliver results.  You are accountable for the running of the hotel in the absence of the General Manager & Hotel Manager.  You will collaborate closely with all functional leaders to lead the operations, ensure the guest experience is of a high quality and aligned with the Vision and Values of the hotel and to deal with any situation that may arise in a calm professional manner.  

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
  • Collects any handover from previous Duty Manager / Hotel Manager / General Manager, gathers the necessary information regarding arrivals, departures and SAGs in-house and acts as needed on the information.
  • Answers guests’ inquiries, attends to their needs, handles customer complaints and employee issues.
  • Follows up on any issues that were handed over from the previous shifts.
  • Is responsible for emergency and evacuation procedures when the Safety and Security Manager is not on duty.
  • Directs, oversees and manages operations, maintenance, cleanliness and efficiency of the hotel while on duty.
  • Completes a minimum of two Room Arrival or Stayover, two Turndown and one Food & Beverage audits per week as per LQA and Forbes standards.
  • Conducting regular tours of the hotel to remain highly visible and readily available for guests and employees at all times.
  • Pro-actively reports all complaints, safety defects, maintenance issues and cleanliness problems to HODs and Night Manager or to the following Duty Manager prior to leaving the shift, both verbally and in writing via email.
  • Support the Hotel Manager as required.
Desirable Experience, Qualifications, & Attributes
  • Previous hotel management experience
  • Flexibility towards working hours
  • Ability to build a positive and working relationship with all levels of the hotel team
  • Effective problem-solving ability
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Effective communicator with guests and employees
Are you the one we are looking for?

Discover more about this exciting opportunity to join one of The Leading Hotels of the World. 

The Phoenicia Malta offers a safe haven to connect to people, and embrace inspiring stories. We have been delivering exceptional service to guests from all over the world. Our ultimate goal is to be the most amazing place to stay in the Mediterranean, while offering you the chance to be very much, an integral part of ‘the family’. Our hotel is a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World. And we want you to be part of it.



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