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october, 2021

octCristina Iglesias: Sea Cave (Entrance)

Cristina Iglesias Sea Cave (Entrance)


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The complex layering of cultural traces and memory permeating the Marsamxett harbourscape, St Michael’s bastion and Hastings Gardens are the dramatic backdrop to Cristina Iglesias’ exciting new work, ‘Sea Cave (Entrance)’.
‘Sea Cave (Entrance)’ brings to the surface that which may lie underneath. It unveils an imaginary opening to a subterranean space exploring hidden geologies, interconnections and the passage of time. Nestled within the landscape of Valletta’s Hastings Garden, the bronze bas-relief work is eloquently articulated in the artist’s distinctive sculptural language. ‘Sea Cave (Entrance)’ creates a profound and immersive sculptural environment, through a reflective engagement with public space. The work hints at a liminal threshold, the potential entrance to a cave, with the sculptural form delving downwards to expose stratified layers and an imagined pitted and hollowed geology. The smoother upper overhangs contrast with the dynamic surges of underlying layers that bring to mind shoreline caves formed and eroded by the constancy of the sea. Water, moving in slow or faster sequences, becomes the unifying element of the work as it seeks to catalyse perceptual engagement. ‘Sea Cave (Entrance)’ is an open invitation for an immersive contemplative experience.
“The piece suggests an underground space related to the strata and geology of the place. It constructs the entrance to a possible bronze cave that connects with others that could exist within the rocky island of Malta. There will be water running at different paces creating a sequence working with time and connecting mentally with the sea” – Cristina Iglesias
‘Sea Cave (Entrance)’ will be unveiled during the 3rd edition of the MICAS International Art Weekend on the 15th of October 2021. The work will be open for public viewing from the 16th of October onwards.
Location: Hastings Gardens, Sappers Street, Valletta, Malta.
Viewing times: Monday – Sunday, 7.00 – 19.00 hrs.
As a new exciting national acquisition that will remain accessible for the public to visit and enjoy at Hastings Gardens presently, ‘Sea Cave (Entrance)’ will eventually be relocated to the MICAS Sculpture Garden on the San Salvatore Counterguard overlooking Marsamxett Harbour.
For more information visit MICAS


Month Long Event (october)


Hastings Garden Malta

Sappers, Valletta


MICASMalta International Contemporary Art Space (MICAS)

Hastings Garden MaltaSappers, Valletta



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