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Summer in Malta: Enjoy Festas, Events, and Endless Fun

summer in malta

Summer in Malta is a lively season full of exciting events and beautiful traditions. Our small Mediterranean island becomes a top destination for travellers looking for both relaxation and adventure.

Here’s why you should consider a holiday to Malta this summer and what you can expect.

Festas: Local Celebrations

Malta is famous for its traditional festas, which are religious celebrations held in honour of the patron saints of different towns and villages. Nearly every weekend, a new town celebrates with fireworks, parades, and street parties. The streets come alive with colourful lights, statues, and banners. Visitors can taste local foods, listen to live music, and join the locals in their joyful festivities.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Malta offers a variety of cultural events and festivals that cater to all interests. The Malta International Arts Festival in July features theatre, dance, music, and visual arts. For film fans, the Valletta Film Festival presents international movies in stunning open-air settings.

Music lovers should not miss the Isle of MTV Malta Special, one of Europe’s largest free music festivals, which attracts top artists and huge crowds. The Għanafest, celebrating traditional Maltese folk music, provides a unique cultural experience in the beautiful Argotti Gardens.

 Local Nightlife

Malta’s summer nightlife is vibrant and exciting. The island is home to many open-air clubs and beachside venues where world-famous DJs play until the early hours. The Lost & Found Festival, hosted by DJ Annie Mac, is a must-visit event with beach parties, boat parties, and club nights.

Outdoor Activities and Adventures

Malta is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The island’s clear, warm waters are ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and diving. The Blue Lagoon in Comino, with its crystal-clear turquoise waters, is a top spot for a day of sunbathing and swimming. Hikers can enjoy scenic coastal trails with stunning views, hidden coves, and historic sites.

With our proximity to Valletta, you can spend the day exploring the stunning architecture of our capital city, museums, and our abundant cafe culture.

Stay at The Phoenicia Malta

For a truly memorable summer holiday, stay at The Phoenicia Malta. Our 5 star hotel effortlessly blends traditional Maltese culture with modern luxury to offer a truly unique experience.


A summer holiday in Malta is filled with fun, culture, and relaxation. From traditional festas and cultural festivals to vibrant nightlife and outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone. Book your stay at The Phoenicia Malta and experience the best that our beautiful island has to offer.



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