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Breast Cancer Awareness: An Ongoing Battle

Action For Breast Cancer Foundation Malta - Team Members

This month, The Phoenicia Malta has partnered up with local NGO Action for Breast Cancer Foundation. In our efforts to raise awareness towards the ongoing fight against Breast Cancer, we will donate money from our Afternoon Tea sales for the month of October.

Action for Breast Cancer Foundation was co-founded in 2007 by Esther Sant and the late Helen Margret Muscat. The organisation was originally set-up to lobby for better quality service and support for cancer patients. Esther Sant, a mother of three, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 at the age of 36. It was her journey that inspired her to form this organisation. Helen Muscat was a breast care nurse by profession at the time, and this is how they met. Esther recalls fond memories of Helen and it is with her support that Esther pulled through her cancer journey.

Today, the voluntary organisation has grown with a total of seven members working towards raising awareness and improving the services available for patients. In Malta, a total of 300 new breast cancer cases are recorded per year, 1% of those being male. Action for Breast Cancer Foundation works closely with the Breast Care Unit found at Mater Dei hospital to aid patients, and their families, during their cancer journey.

Upon being diagnosed, all patients are given a Personal Folder. This includes information about what to expect, as well as having one place to hold all documents related to the journey, such as scans, appointments. This folder is provided by the organisation on a complimentary basis.

Breast prosthesis is one of the greatest challenges faced by cancer patients. To encourage women and to aid them with this physical change, the organisation supplies the Breast Care Unit at hospital with a mastectomy bra. These are available in a range of sizes and styles and given to patients without charge. The aim is to help women restore their confidence.

Moreover, psychological aid is offered to those patients, and their families, who seek this service. This service is offered to provide coping tools for both the patients are their supporting circle to make the journey more manageable.

Moreover, Action for Breast Cancer Foundation offer a range of educational videos and campaigns which aim to teach people about the reality of this illness. They work closely with local schools and health care professionals to ensure that this reality is made known to all age groups.

The main message that the organisation would like to make is that although Breast Cancer is a harsh reality, many do survive the battle. It is important to take precautions and follow the advice of the health professions. Furthermore, it is vital to check yourself regularly. Doing so may lead to early diagnosis which in turn could save your life.

The foundation currently relies on donations from individuals and businesses to operate. If you would like to donate, visit or visit Palm Court Lounge where €1 from every Afternoon Tea sold in October will go to Action for Breast Cancer Foundation.

Although October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness, it is important to note that this is an ongoing battle and must be thought of all year round.



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